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The Flowers of Oslo

"I remain convinced that the belief in Freedom is stronger than Fear."

King Herald of Norway, July 23rd, 2011




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I landed in Oslo on Monday, August 1st, 2011, a little over a week after the terrible bombing and mass killing which took place July 22nd. I found a city still in mourning -- bouquets of flowers, and the remains of memorial candles were everywhere. My reflections on this can be found on my blog; pictures are below.

The billboard above, thanking the Red Cross for its assistance in the aftermath of the murders, became ubiquitous across Norway, during the week I was there.


Above: Bouquets of roses line the steps to the Oslo Town Hall.

Right: Flowers float on a decorative pool in the park on Karl Johannes gate. A group of blonde school-girls stood in a row, just outside the frame of this picture, staring silently into the water. I thought it would have been an intrusion to include them in the photograph.


The scene in front of the National Cathedral -- a vast mound of flowers, flags, and mementos.


A bicycle, wreathed in flowers, outside the National Cathedral.

The fence blocking off the street where the car-bomb was set off. Just beyond is a radio station -- the windows were blown out by the blast, and have been boarded up.


This fountain marks the spot where King Christian IV established the new city of Christian (now Oslo) in 1624. On the day in August, when I visited, the pointing hand seemed a call to witness.




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