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Cannons in the morning sun atop the ramparts of the Akershus fortress.

The sun breaks over a wall of the fortress.


Right: A cobbled street leads up the hill and into the Akershus grounds.


The harbour, near the Akershus


The empty chairs of the Holocaust Memorial symbolize Norwegian Jews who perished during the Shoah. This quiet place beneath the Akershus acquired an added poignancy, in light of recent events. But really, there is no comparing either tragedy. Each stands alone.

"To slay one person is to slay the world."



Beneath the ski-jump atop Holmenkollen (above).

The ski jump itself is shown below, reaching for the sun, and to the right, beyond a garden of wild flowers.



A traditional fence cast shadows on the path at the Open-air Folk Museum on the Bygdøy Peninsula in Oslo.


The Hallingdale Stave Church, now at the Folk Museum.


A docent at the Folk Museum plays a bowed key-harp, a traditional instrument similar to an auto-harp.


Leaving Oslo all too soon, we sailed through the narrows, past the fort where, in April, 1941, Norwegian guns sank a German battleship, thus delaying the Nazi invasion long enough to allow the Royal Family and Parliamentary leaders to escape into Sweden, along with the country's gold reserve.






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