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Hjøründfjord: The Knife





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The boat ride up this fjord was one of the highlights of my entire journey. The word "Hjøründ" means "Knife" and refers to the shape of the inlet. This is not simply an arm of the sea, but a true fjord, carved out by glacial action. The lower slopes and valleys are worn smooth, while the craggy peaks rose above the ice sheet.

I was told that the snow fields seen in this and other pictures are not permanent, but would melt by the end of summer. I could not help but think the sun would need to work quickly to accomplish this.



I don't really have many words for this. It was warm inside the cabin of the boat, and rather raw on the decks, but I was in awe, and except while they were serving Norwegian waffles in the cabin, I stayed by the rail, open-mouthed and happy.


This gives a good sense of the scale of the scenery.





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