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Bruges, Belgium





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A canal near Sint Janshospitaal

The medieval port of Bruges, with its many canals and narrow, winding streets, certainly reminded me of Amsterdam. During the 18th century, the inlet which gave Bruges access to the sea filled with silt; Bruges became, quite literally, a backwater town during the 19th and early 20th centuries. In happy consequence, the old medieval builldings remain largely intact as they did not fall victim to the mania for civic "improvement" which engulfed many European cities, for better or worse, during the Industrial Age.


Buildings in the Markt, the vast commercial square in the town's centre.


Left: The spire of Sint Maria's

The Provincial Hall and the Belfort Tower overlook the Markt


The Markt


On a side street in Bruges



A traditional fence surrounds a tree in the garden outside the birthplace of Guido Gezelle, one of Belgium's greatest poets.


The Folk Museum



At the corner of Balstraat & Rolweg, across from the Folk Museum




One of the popular activities in Bruges, at least among tourists, is a boat ride along the canals.


One of the many shrines I saw built into the walls around and about the city.



The Beguinage -- an island of quietude.




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